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3 Steps to Thrive Financially in Any Economy!

In this workshop, learn invaluable insights on smart spending, effective saving, and money growth. Don't just weather the economic storm—learn how to flourish and prosper. Join us for this free money workshop and take control of your financial future. Don't just survive – thrive financially!

Workshop Happening Online Saturday March 16th at 12 Noon ET

An Interactive Workshop Designed To You How To...

During This Online Training You Will Learn

Smart Spending Hacks

Spend without breaking the bank. Slash unnecessary expenses while keeping your lifestyle intact. 

Savings Magic

Build a savings plan that's actually doable and sticks. Save consistently, even in unpredictable times.

Money Growth 101

Tackle debt head-on with effective reduction strategies that actually work. Dip your toes into the world of side hustles and entrepreneurship to multiply your income.

Thriving in Tough Times

Tune in to the secrets of bouncing back and thriving, no matter what the economy throws at you. Master the art of adapting your money game to whatever life serves up.

Latrice Folkes Jones

-ceo of Whole boss llc-

Sara is very passionate about helping people to get their finances under control, especially the Black and Latino communities because she knows how it feels to lose everything and have to rebuild from scratch. She has done countless workshops and helped individuals come up with a plan to Flourish Financially. Working with her has been truly inspirational.


Hi, I'm Sara

Your Financial Coach, Sara Carter is a Bilingual Certified Credit Counselor with NeighborWorks America, as well as a Certified Financial Educator, and is an Accredited Financial Coach candidate, who has been working in the financial services industry for nearly 10 years now and is also a small business owner. In addition, she is also a trained Transformational Life Coach, coaching based on the principles of Positive Psychology Mastery. Sara has offered countless financial education workshops, counseling and coaching sessions, specializing in money, credit, and financial stability.

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